1st Go With The Flow Veteran Champion…

40st International Dogshow Eindhoven KC ‘De Kempen’

The 1st show of the year is always a ‘home match’ which we don’t like to skip, but I first had my doubt to enter…!

2 boys and 2 girls under supervisor of Caroline, Merian, Marloes and of ocurse ‘undersigned’ challenged today.

Caroline was so friendly to handle Marlow, Ciro and J.J., Jun-ai remained under my care.

Marlow junior class 2EX,
Ciro Champions class 1EX,
Jun-ai junior class VG,
J.J. Veteran class 1EX and best Veteran. J.J. received her final point so now she is…


Dutch Veteran Champion…!



The 1st Go With The Flow Veteran titel is a fact, J.J. an offspring of my 1st litter set the tone for this year… …I’m so proud of her that she is the one who has this honor. Of course we celebrated this as we are used to… …the ‘Go With The Flow’ manner!

Thanks again ladies for your help, presence and cosiness, it was again … … hilarious;-)


Afterwards there was for Marlow, Ciro, Jun-ai and J.J. the familiar treat… …Yummi!



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